About Respect Scarborough


Respect Scarborough is a grassroots organization formed in 2011 to defend and improve public services for all Scarborough residents and strengthen Scarborough’s economy by creating more good jobs.  In the months leading up to the vote for Toronto’s 2012 municipal budget, City Councillors contemplated cutting transit service, library and daycare services, closing pools and recreational programs for youth and seniors.  It became clear that as Scarborough residents, we needed to organize our communities and voice our concerns over the devastating impact of the cuts on families and working people across Scarborough.

At a Scarborough Council meeting on January 10, 2012, residents packed the chambers at Scarborough Civic Centre and made passionate deputations in defence of strong public services for Scarborough.  Eventually, City Council voted to prevent many of the cuts that would have affected communities across Toronto.  We were successful in joining our voices together and protecting many of the services we need.

Since then, we have held more public events across Scarborough, talking to residents about the issues that affect all of us and providing the facts about controversial issues such as Light Rail Transit.  We are committed to improving life for Scarborough residents.  Join us and take action for Scarborough!