For most Scarborough residents, public libraries are their first point of experience with community space, civic and social engagement, newcomer settlement services, youth and senior services – and of course, lots of books and resource materials! Scarborough’s 20 public libraries not only provide residents with books and online resources, but create space for fostering civic engagement and access to services within our communities.

A library allows residents to host community meetings, workshops and events. It shares its space with settlement services to the thousands of newcomers who come to make Scarborough their new home. It provides free and much-needed internet access in a safe environment. Most importantly, it connects communities together.

It is no wonder that in 2011, Scarborough residents actively and successfully came together to voice their concerns over the City of Toronto’s budget proposal to cut library services. But the fight has not stopped there.

Respect Scarborough encourages involvement in the campaign to both support and expand the number of libraries, library hours, and library services in the area.  Currently in Scarborough, there is approximately one library for every 30 000 residents (as per the 2006 census). Let’s work together to make sure each of us have full access to our libraries!

Anika Tabovaradan, young Scarborough resident, passionately spoke out against proposed cutbacks to Toronto’s public libraries in 2011.