Good news for Scarborough!

City Council has given a green light to building a modern public transit network in Scarborough.  Within a few years, Light Rail Transit (LRT) will replace over-crowded buses.  The Scarborough LRT network will be great news for transit riders, local businesses, car drivers, and for Scarborough communities that have never had rapid transit.  Respect Scarborough is committed to ensuring that residents get the new facts about Scarborough’s new multi-billion dollar transit lines.

Let’s work together to make sure there are no more delays.  We are tired of being stuck on the bus.  

Does this look familiar to you? LRT will ease traffic congestion in Scarborough

Scarborough’s new LRT network will benefit:

After the LRT - Sheppard Ave & Morningside Ave

Before the LRT - Sheppard Ave & Morningside Ave

All images from this page are sourced from the Toronto Transit Commission.