Local Jobs for Local Residents – A Community Benefits Agreement

The new LRT rapid transit network can provide more than better transit

The new Light Rapid Transit (LRT) network is a $8.4 billion project. It will provide better transit for hundreds of thousands of people. This project can improve the lives of many people in other ways as well.

Respect Scarborough along with other community groups are launching a campaign to make sure that people living near the LRT receive the greatest possible benefit from the project.

The goal of the campaign is a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA) with Metrolinx, the public agency that is building the LRT.

What is a Community Benefits Agreement (CBA)?

A CBA is a commitment to provide jobs and other benefits for local residents. In many countries, communities demand CBAs when new industries or public sector projects are built.

  • The construction of the Metrolinx LRT transit network will create many employment opportunities. Let’s make sure that local people get a fair share of those jobs.
  • Community groups have already started to pressure Metrolinx for a CBA that will provide jobs in local communities, especially for our youth.
  • Although most of the focus is on jobs, other issues may also be addressed in the CBA with Metrolinx.

The campaign for a CBA with Metrolinx is an opportunity to raise urgent issues facing our communities and get real results!  It will take a lot of work to achieve a Community Benefits Agreement with Metrolinx.  Together we can win a CBA that produces real results for our communities!

Here is what YOU can do to support the campaign for a Metrolinx Community Benefits Agreement:

  1. Visit the campaign website to learn more about successful CBAs. www.communitybenefits.ca  (to be launched shortly)
  2. Get on the campaign email list so that you can receive notices of campaign actions. Contact respectscarborough@gmail.com  
  3. Invite a campaign organizer to make a presentation to your neighbourhood organization, faith community, union or other group.
  4. Get support from individuals and organizations for the CBA.
  5. Contact the campaign to get leaflets and other materials for publicizing the campaign with family, co-workers, neighbours and others.  For a full flyer, please click CBA handout.
  6. Contact your Member of Provincial Parliament and your City Councillor to express your support for a Metrolinx CBA.