LRT Benefits for Car Drivers

Calling all car drivers and motorists!  Are you concerned that the new Scarborough LRT lines will make traffic worse?  Don’t be.

In fact, Light Rail Transit works for car drivers too.  Here’s why:

  • The LRT tracks will be separated from the rest of the road.  With its own separate lane, the LRT will not block traffic.

LRT in its own separate lane

  • Sections of both Eglinton and Sheppard Ave will be widened to add new lanes for cars.  With more riders on the LRT, there will be fewer buses, fewer cars – and no bus lanes.



All images in this post are sourced from the Toronto Transit Commission.

Scarborough Council Budget Meeting – January 10, 2012

  Scarborough Council Budget Meeting – January 10, 2012

So many residents were concerned about the effect of the cuts on their community that there was only standing room at Council Chambers.  Residents from across Scarborough poured in to speak, make written submissions, or watch the proceedings. The room was packed with concerned residents until late into the evening – 11:30 p.m.

As a result of people speaking about how cuts would make poverty and inequality worse in Scarborough, City Council voted 23 to 21 (7 days later on January 17) in favour of reversing the cuts that would harm Scarborough.  The two Scarborough councillors that supported the reversal motion were Raymond Cho and Lee Chin.  In fact, Councillor Cho proposed the motion to stop further cut backs on the libraries.  To read more about the Council vote, click here:  

To read more about the RS event, click here:

Our Public Forum – December 3, 2011

   Public Forum – December 3, 2011

One of Respect Scarborough’s first and most successful events was the public forum on the city budget back in 2011.  On Saturday, December 3, over 200 people met to discuss their concerns about how pending budget cuts would affect their community centres, TTC routes, recreational programs, child care services, and affordable housing.  It was at the meeting that residents identified issues that were important to them and the health of their community.

A priority issue as identified by residents